• uncmac-guest.jpg

    UNCMAC Guest tag and Visitor Declaration form

  • jsa-2.jpg

    Joint Security Area - facing North Korea's Panmon Hall

  • soldier.jpg

    tae won do stance of soldier on JSA North Korean side

  • soldier-jsa.jpg

    inside the JSA blue building

  • bridge-of-no-return.jpg

    bridge of no return

  • dora-observatory.jpg

    dora observatory

  • dmz.jpg

    photo ops outside the entrance of the third infiltration tunnel

  • third-tunnel.jpg

    third infiltration tunnel

  • dorason-sign.jpg

    dorasan sign

  • dorasan-staton.jpg

    Dorasan station

Korea Trip, Day 14: DMZ and JSA Tour

Despite the worldwide media coverage of North Korean’s threats at the time, it didn’t stop me from booking the DMZ & JSA tour (aka Demilitarized Zone or Joint Security Area). I was excited and nervous at the same time to do this tour which was so popular on the day it filled up two busloads of foreigners and off-duty US troops on the day.

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  • 60-mod.jpg

    60 mod

  • vintage.jpg

    Bagazimuri and vintage goods

  • joyrich.jpg

    Joyrich, Isnana and Miss Happy

  • bean-story.jpg

    Bean Story

  • plastic-surgery.jpg

    ad at Apgujeong Station

  • bk-hospital.jpg

    a BK hospital ad

  • hyundai.jpg

    Hyundai Department Store

  • gangnam.jpg


Korea Trip, Day 12: Garosu-gil, Apgujeong, Hyundai Department Store and Gangnam

The weather was miserable today as we set out for Garosu-gil. We got a hold of the Dangol, Garosu-gil’s Local Guide Book to help navigate us around. It was refreshing to see so many cool, independent and vintage clothing boutiques here like 60 mod who stocked some unique items.

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  • palace.jpg

    Gyeongbokgung Palace

  • gardens.jpg

    rear gardens of Gyeongbokgung Palace

  • changing-of-the-guards.jpg

    the changing of the guards

  • temple1.jpg

    lanterns for the Lotus Lantern festival

  • balwoo1.jpg

    the 3 small pancakes and dumpling dish and, delicious mushroom dish at Balwoo Gongyang

  • balwoo2.jpg

    The side dishes and dessert at Balwoo Gongyang

  • insadong.jpg


  • variety-show.jpg

    film crew in Insadong

  • Cheonggyecheon.jpg


Korea Trip, Day 11: Gyeongbokgung Palace, Temple Cuisine and Insadong

You can spend hours at Gyeongbokgung Palace. The grounds of the palace are so grandeur that you lose track of how many different living quarters there are and what belonged to whom.

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  • lake.jpg

    views from park bridge

  • theme-park-2.jpg

    amusement park

  • wish.jpg

    writing my wish on a paper

  • costumes.jpg

    photo ops with characters at korean folk village

  • dance.jpg

    Farmer's music and dance

  • archery.jpg


  • trad-food.jpg

    traditional korean food vendor

  • wedding.jpg

    traditional wedding ceremony - groom

  • trad-wedding-2.jpg

    traditional wedding cerermony - bride

  • badges.jpg

    old, traditional Korean police badges

  • kings-candy.jpg

    King's candy

Korea Trip, Day 10: Games and Korean Folk Village

There was talk about maybe going to Everland and Garden of the Morning Calm but in the end we chose the Korean Folk Village. On our way there I was being shown how to play a Korean game called Di Bi Di Bi Dip where you have to move your face in a different direction to where the person points cus if you don’t you’ll to be flicked or pinched as punishment! I was not too keen about this type of punishment, so I introduce my friendlier games like thumb wrestle, double thumb wrestle, rock, paper, scissors using “the point system (best of 3 up to 5 points)” and the clapping game. I forgot how fun it was to play like a kid again!

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  • cafe-in-hongdae-.jpg

    charming cafe in Hongdae

  • hongdae-university.jpg

    Hongdae University

  • hongdae-streets.jpg

    streets of Hongdae

  • snow-spoon-cafe.jpg

    snow spoon cafe

  • oyori.jpg

    tofu steak at Oyori

  • sky-garden1.jpg

    sky garden at Lotte Young Plaza

  • hotba.jpg

    hotba food vendor

  • samsung-fashion.jpg

    Samsung Fashion

  • pure.jpg

    rookie kpop group- PURE

  • cafe-lamp.jpg

    pineapple juice and parfait at cafe lamp

Korea Trip, Day 9: Hongdae, Myeong-dong, Hotba, Kpop and Cafe Lamp

The weather was pretty miserable when we arrived in Hongdae on a Saturday morning. It was raining and cold and where the streets would usually be crowded on the weekend, I think alot of people opted to stay in. We were meeting up with my sister-in-law’s brother who lives in this area for lunch. We were led to a charming cafe which has books and manga for patrons to read. The menu was laid out so that each dessert corresponded to a particular movie like creme brulee for Amelie, then I think blueberry pie for My Blueberry Nights. We ended up ordering tiramisu and chocolate cake.

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  • techno-mart.jpg

    Yongsan Electronics Markets

  • soju1.jpg

    soju selection at Lotte Mart

  • seoul-milk.jpg

    Seoul Milk

  • lotteria.jpg


  • korean-melon.jpg

    Korean melon

  • android.jpg

    bowing android robot

Korea Trip, Day 8: Yongsan Electronic Markets and Lotte Mart

It was my brother’s last day in Seoul and he wanted to check out Yongsan Electronics Markets which had lots of vendors on each floor selling all sorts of electronic goods such as cameras and mobile phones. I was looking for an iPad case here but there didn’t seem to be much of a selection here and the prices weren’t that much different to normal retail stores.

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  • baby-shoot.jpg

    behind the scenes of baby photo shoot

  • themes.jpg

    various photo shoot themes

  • nkm.jpg

    National Museum of Korea

  • nkm2.jpg

    National Museum of Korea - atrium

  • sayu.jpg

    Sayu - Traditional Korean Teahouse

  • dongdaemun.jpg

    Dongdaemun night markets

  • street-food1.jpg

    street food vendors

Korea trip, Day 7: Baby Photo shoot, National Museum of Korea and Dongdaemun

I tagged along this morning to my nephew’s photo shoot. The set-up for this baby photo shoot was far more elaborate then what we have in Australia. There are a few different package options, but in this case they gave the parents an album to choose three outifts from and there were quite a few theme displays spread across two levels. It was interesting to watch and judging by the number of the bags I saw with the finish packages in them – quite popular!

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  • korail.jpg

    on the korail

  • war-memorial.jpg

    War Memorial Museum - two brothers statue

  • military.jpg

    Korean Soldiers

  • war-memorial-2.jpg

    War Memorial Museum - Outdoor Exhibition Hall

  • croquet.jpg

    cheese croquette

  • potato-tornado.jpg

    twist potato food vendor

  • potato-tornado-2.jpg

    my tasty twist potato[

  • love-lockets.jpg

    love lockets

  • couple-seoul-tower.jpg

    Korean couple at N Seoul Tower

  • teddy-bear.jpg

    teddy bear museum

  • food-hall.jpg

    gourmet food hall

  • sky-garden.jpg

    shinsegae sky garden

Korea trip, Day 6: War Memorial Museum, N Seoul Tower, Teddy Bear Museum and Shinsegae

Today we went to the War Memorial Museum by Korail. The trains here are extremely quiet. Alot of commuters are on their Samsung phones or just seem really tired. It’s not uncommon to see a few asleep as well. We also saw men wheeling their suitcases from one carriage to the next, trying to sell commuters some of their wares (apparently it’s not really legal, but they still do it anyway).

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